Friday, September 28, 2012

feelin warm and fuzzy

Here are a few things during today that i immensely enjoy....
1. waking up at 11:30am
2. Talking with my mom on the phone
3. Going on a sip and stroll with the pooch with my pumpkin spice coffee
4. Enjoying the beautiful autumn colors on lake drive
5. watching the waves crash from up on the bluff in Joey's arms
6. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel bars from Trader Joe's
7. The count down on my smart phone says "35 more days" until vacay in Puerto Rico
8. a quiet afternoon house nap

If you couldn't tell, last night was my day off. Gosh, I sound so pathetic when i go to work for one day and all i can think about it my next day off, maybe thats called being fully adjusted to being an adult. Nonetheless, life is going just peachily. I can't believe its almost October, that means my birthday is a little over a week away. You're talking to a soon to be ancient aged woman here, the big 2-4. I still remember the day of my 10th bday. I had a great day at school, brought dirt cups for my bday treat, get off the bus with a big grin on my face to come home to my mom's note that said i had to mow the lawn.... on my double digit birthday.... i was only mildly depressed. Hopefully my 24th bday is a little better than my 10th. Thanks a lot mom, you're such a punk.

I don't understand how people could not love this time of year. I went camping at Gov Dodge State Park with my college crew last weekend and it was gorgeous out! Afternoon hikes with the dogs, gorgeous colors, grilled food, sitting by the fire at night, everyone attempting to stay warm... so relaxing. And just to make the week more exciting, nothing beats catching up on all the new season premieres of Grey's and The New Girl with a tie blanket and cup of warm chai :) booyah.

Overall, its been a pretty chill week just hanging at the crib. I am slowly developing my little posse of people at the dog park during the afternoon. Everyone there is so down to earth and in love with their dog, you know your always in good company. We've had Jordy almost 3 week too. He's a pretty darn well behaved pup thus far. He met his brother, Reggie, last weekend. Good times. Its so easy to tire him out and he sleep so well at night after that. I always hear "a tired dog is a well-behaved dog." No taking for granted! At this point, i am just blabbing so i am going to curl up on the couch and catch a snoozer here, but hope everyone's enjoying their day, stoked for the weekend, and at ease with life. If not, you can follow my rules as a nurse. I always tell my patients my 3 simple rules:
1. No falling
2. No fires.
3. Keep your clothes on.

 Peace out :)

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