Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New love

Soo, ever since I was a teeny tiny little girl, i have had one dream. Unlike wanting to become an astronaut or artist like most children, I just had one simple desire. That was to own a dog. I adore my parents to no end and I couldn't have asked for a better up-bringing, but they severely lacked in the Fido Dept. They always told me as a child, "you can get a dog when you are an adult." Lamecakes. When you're 5 yrs old, being 20yrs old does not seem possible in such a simplistic mindset. I decided to rebel. In my own brilliant mind, I had a scheme to get a furry, happy, and tailwagging dog.  Now,  I am about to share a secret from my childhood that I am not particularly fond of, but I am told its freakin hilarious. Ready? Ok.... My grand Plan: Go outside, stare into the direct sunlight for a long period of time, go blind, and get a seeing eye dog. Bingo, its flawless.  I remember being out on the front porch and my mom came up and shook my shoulders saying, "LAUREN! Why on earth are you doing that?!" Yeup, never got my pooch.

Well, it finally happened... no i didnt get a seeing eye dog, but I did do my good deed and rescued a pup from the humane society. I was very close to love at first sight. I had been looking at just about every HS in the Milwaukee area, on what seems to be an hourly basis. Joey and I debated names for awhile and finally settled on either "Driver" or "Jordy." We love our GBP. I texted 5 random people for a vote, and "Jordy" won. I saw Jordy online at the Rock County Humane Society on Saturday night, and was at the shelter the following afternoon to pick him up. I was nothing but smiles ALL trip long. I had dreamt of this day for so long! I went to the local petstore to pick up all the supplies. It got to be rather pricey because I decided to prepare for the worst because I had not a clue on what this 50lbs and 1yr old lab/terrier would be like in my house. I bought all all my dog supplies for their sheer strength. Kong toys, an indestructible collar, leash for a dog up to 80lbs....

The whole ride home i couldn't stop petting him.  We got home and I showed the puppy around the house and then we set out for a stroll in the neighborhood. OMG. I woke up Monday morning with shin splits and sore arms, Jordy has the exact attention span from Dug the dog in the movie "UP." I guess I hadn't fully put it together that this dog had never really seen the outside world aside from the limited trips to the running pen at the shelter. Squirrel! Bunny! Little Kid! Water! Tree! Tree! Tree! Squirrel! Football being thrown! Uf da. I literally had to make the dog sit and hold him so he would stop wheezing from choking himself for our 2 mile walk. I wish i could get that excited about anything in life....! ha. Ok, so we have to work on a leash to do.

I was waiting for Joey to get home to introduce him to our new addition. I was baking pumpkin bread, I decided to become distracted by the dog and sliced my pointer finger on the rim of the can, leaving my with a bleeding finger for over an hour. I waited and waited and waited, and still bled. Ok-- maybe its time to get it checked out. We went to the ER and saw the waiting line. I was rather hesitant knowing it would be till at least 1AM... while checking in at the front, I asked an EMT standing next to me if my finger needed stitches. He stated, "no." that was that, joey and I agreed to head out and go get frozen yogurt instead.... I guess this is where my life's irony steps in... I wait nearly 24yrs to get a dog, slice my finger super deep that same night so I can't pet my puppy, call it a false alarm at the ER, and got delicious frozen treats instead. Just a little "Lauren twist" on the evening....

Joey broke him into swimming at the beach yesterday. Apparently, he took off after a seagull shadow and was hard to catch after that.  He also came across another female dog on an empty beach, did his little dance on her hind quarters, and stole her ball right after. Typical guy :P

Its been a learning experience everyday since bringing Jordy home. Today we took him for his first trip to the dog park for some doggy socializing...what a great place to meet other dog lovers. And he only humped 7 other dogs... we're sure proud of our boy...

You could probably call me an insane dog woman or just simply infatuated with my puppy...Whatever the case, I am stoked to finally know that there is a creature out there that can keep up with my boyfriend's energy level. Yeeesssss.

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