Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi fall, i've missed you.

Happy Saturday all you gorgeous people out there-- soooo,
You are probably welcome to call me more nutzo than i normally am, but I just got home from work after being paid to creepily watch people sleep and returned to my house where the temperature was close to 58 degrees. Typically, that is ridiculously chilly for a house, but this morning I can't wipe this big goony grin off my face because I have finally settled into my passion for fall. It comes at a different time every year, but I believe after such a fabulous weekend in the UP for Labor Day, I have finally came to the conclusion that summer is done. I know more hot days will be on the way, but right now I am completely and utterly content sipping my warm chai and marveling the morning sunshine through the dining room windows listening to the wind chimes.

I have a very exciting and hot date with myself planned for later today. You know those afternoons alone where you belt your guts out to Stevie Knicks' "Edge of 17," wear comfy clothes that don't match, get sidetracked by 5987439 separate things, clean everything, light candles, watch "Night at the Roxbury," and eat yourself completely silly on freshly baked dark chocolate espresso cookies. Oh wait, I'm the only one that considers that the ideal day alone! If your name is Lauren Jean Slattery, this is utterly heaven. Ahh :)

At this point I should probably attempt to get some sleep so I can be a normal human later tonight and the rest of the weekend. I guess in general it doesn't matter that much because I have never been "normal." Because really, what is "normal?" This question has been pondered by many theologians and philosophers without answers.  That's ok, its better unanswered. Ha.

Go rock your weekend.

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