Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shifting from the Graveyard

Just so everyone knows, I am aware that the title of this post does sound slightly morbid/halloweenish, but let me explain, this is my night off from working night shift the last 3 weeks. This only slightly skews your normality of what time of day it truly is...So what does one do when they have been awake for 6 hrs and its midnight???! Umm, of course you make a ranch pork loin in a dutch oven while watching reruns of 30 Rock :) Also note, I have to limit my movement because it is hard to keep quiet in a 1940's, creeky floored upper flat while your best friend and boyfriend are attempting to sleep. Oh life's challanges...

Now, what could i possibly blab to all you fine people out there about that is more exciting than going out and rocking out a great autumn Thursday?? I recently read my friend, Katie's, blog that talked about how narcissistic the idea of blogging is. So true. However, I  choose to write about my life experiences to hopefully enlighten my loved ones that they are in fact, very normal people when compared to Lauren Slattery. In layman's terms, i write to make people smile. And so it goes :)

I woke up on Sunday with a strange feeling of maturity. Maybe it was the fact that I am now in my "mid twenties" vs. the early??... The big 2-4, ha. I am still an infant in most of my everyday life. Have to wait one more year to legally rent a car. It was most definitely a type of birthday I learned something from. One of those that reminds you of how freakin fortunate and truly blessed person is. Without too much detail, a greater part of the weekend was spent on the road to attend a funeral and visiting family in the hospital. Tends to put a good perspective another year of life.

Individuals are all so hardwired to keep on the crazy, busy lifestyle-- and for what??! This is a huge pitfall of mine that I have been working on very intently since this summer. Let these words sink into your mind, "Stop the glorification of busy." Kinda says it all. Why does my 2-do list for the week have to get accomplished in 4 hours? I know I am fully capable, but is it worth it? What did I solve? Yes I felt so very productive, but the next day I end up lollygagging around and get nothing else done, pretty much because I have nothing to finish at that point in time. When you lay it out in words like this it makes my mind boggle. Maybe its the fault within my inner RN thinking (as well with many of my co-workers and friends), you get so involved with the care of other people- you can't remember the last time you peed.  Why did I ever make myself that busy, I enjoy things so much more when there's no pressure. Guess its will continue to be a work in progress--! at least its one I can seen myself advance in doing so.

There's some of my inner crainial inklings of my mind. I did get to celebrate a little birthday time on Friday night... actually it was how perfectly how I envisioned it. It was me, Melissa, and the boys. There was no for sure plans until about noon of the same day-- but it was the old Whitewater crew hanging out and just talking. We eventually meandered our way down the street to the British pub- it was perfect. Dancing with Mitch Kroll to Mungo Jerry, everyone toasting to good times and your birthday, constant laughter, my cuz Aaron's failed ipad, the typical 0300 Toppers delivery.... awesome memories.

I was at the dog park one afternoon and was talking with my posse of regulars. One of the guys adopted his puppy around the same time we got Jordy and we were discussing how impossible it seems to envision your life a month prior, without the pooch. There's nothing that makes me giggle more than watching a cold, wet dog nose make a shirtless Joey squirm... or memories of the first vet trip with Jordy being batted in the face by a cat and followed by taking a dump in the corner of the exam room. My favorite is coming home after a long work day to a dog who wags his whole body and can't even stay on his feet cuz he's so happy to see you. I sincerely hope I am as cool as my dog thinks I am :)

That's all i got for now. Do my a favor, and make sure you get out there and enjoy the orange and yellow trees. Its so flippin gorgeous this time of year!!

                                             (just to make you crack a smile)

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