Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week full of Golds

Let me just begin by writing that I am not a TV watcher. Joey and I recently bought a TV back in May and before that I hadn't watched since I was still living at home with my parents in high school. That is close to 5 yrs ago without any real TV... (who had time for that in nursing school?!) Let me just tell you all the hours I've been in front of the boob tube since Sunday..... actually not, its kind of embarrassing.

how is ANYONE suppose to get anything done with the Olympics on??! Holy crap, I cannot get enough of the men's swimming, women's gymnastics, 2x2 sand volleyball, sychronized diving, and even the kayaking! its soooo motivating!

I was home this past weekend and my mom woke me up on Sunday morning at 10:30ish by yelling up the stairs, "Lauren, you're swimmer boy's on TV!" Ryan Lochte. Man, what a way to wake up in the morning :D That only started the day off. It took until about 2pm that my mom and I built up enough motivation from all the athletes in front of us to make it out for our 28mi bike ride all around Green Bay on the fox river trail. Some of my fave memories cycling are with my mom. We always love to hit up the trails in the country, play the music loud,and be really ridiculous and  obnoxious singing when its just us! I will proudly say we were surging almost the entire time we were out amongst the corn.

We made it home in time to eat grilled salmon burgers and nap. THEN it was gymnastics time. I stare at some of those 15yr olds and wonder to myself what it must be like to be that young and that impressive. Gabby Douglass, she is an inspiration to anyone. Her whole story about having to move away from her family to get professional coaching with a single mom and group of sisters at home... wow. She had mentioned after the all around tryouts the reason she smiles so much. She stated that she had been focusing on Scripture about "being confident." All those incredible versus we skim over and never fully meditate on. This girl is going to grow up into a huge role-model of so many young people. So cool :)

After my much needed beloved 3 day weekend was over I had to come back to reality. It was off to work on Monday afternoon. I got home Monday night about 8:30pm and as i was pulling up into the driveway, I found the grill out.... Joey making grilled chicken. Then i walked upstairs and found Hillary (my best friend who moved in with us about 2 wks ago) making veggies and rice. I had a huge grin flood my face :) They waited until that late to have family dinner with me! I have the two best housewives in the world! Hillary and I were talking last night about how strangely normal it feels to all live together. I think its the way the personalities mesh. It feels like such a healthy and positive environment. We love Shorewood :)

I was in a patient's room yesterday afternoon and I realized it is already August. That is so bizzare. We still have a 1/3rd of summer left, but it went so stinkin fast! I feel like i have to start planning for fall and where travel plans will bring. I have a few goals:
1. Jog a 5K
2. Travel with my big mama
3. buy a food processor (this will happen before then! ha...)
4. Stage for nursing status at Aurora
5. Finish the dirty whore trilogy: 5 Shades of Gray

We'll get there. For now, i just finished my coffee and am need of getting things done. I love these midweek weekends of random days off :)

Go rock the world folks.

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  1. I am in awe of you Miss Slattery. Take note.