Thursday, August 9, 2012

Packers on my mind

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "hmm its strangely dark in this bedroom." I walked out into the kitchen to realize its cloudy, rainy, and 60 degrees out. I have been awaiting a day like this for quite some time. The kind of day where I whip out my favorite whole bean yooper coffee and prep my french press as I stare out the window and awe as the world turns right before my eyes. It reminds me of fall time. Fall is my fave time of year, however i will enjoy every last day of my summer.

It is a Wisconsin summertime tradition to visit the State Fair. The idea of holding a state fair is slightly ironic because WI does so in city nicknamed "The dirty stallis." The official name found on a map is "West Allis." Let me allow to enlighten your thoughts:
(apologies to my friends and coworkers who live in West Allis... it was a topic of conversation at the nurses' station one day and i thought it funny to share). It just seems as though it would make so much more sense to hold such an event in an area like Madison or Northeast Wisconsin because the agricultural community is must stronger in those surrounding areas. Whatever the case may be, state fair is a complete blast.

You will never find a a better place to eat horrendously hazardous for your health food and people watch. In attendance this year was the "Slatzen Haus"-hold. Thus being, boyfriend (Joey) and best friend (Hillary). The first stop at the fair is to the expo center, where you are given the chance to purchase just about any type useless junk/kitchy decor your wildest dreams could ever imagine. It doesn't take long to get my yearly fill of the expo center. I decided it was time to leave after we walked past a booth with dancing marionettes. The worker decided to start chasing Hillary and I with a cat puppet attempting to climb up the back of my calf as the worker started to geek out. Yeup, that was enough.

Next stop was food. Oh to glorious deep-fried goodness of foods you never thought deep-friable. Hillary was the bravest to try the talk of the media, "The Fat Elvis." This includes deep fried peanut butter cups with bananabread-like breading, topped with chocolate drizzle and bacon bits on top. I snipped my nose at first, and then i took a bite. Holy amazing, batman! Its that perfect combo of sweet and salty that makes your face smile :) Another honorable mention (none of us purchased) was the "krispy kreme bacon cheeseburger." So just imagine, 100% Wisconsin grade angus beef with slow roasted crispy bacon with melty cheese, in between 2 classic krispy kreme donuts. Gag. If that doesn't bring you to the ER with a massive myocardial infarction, you are invincible. Hands down.

To accompany the delicious food hitting your stomach, the people watching at this event is top notch. Official count: 7 fanny packs, 3 butt cracks, and 2 boob grazes. This was the first hour we were there. I stopped count after that with too much to keep track of. Proudly,  I will announce that there was only 1 sighting of a kid on a leash (Thank goodness). I don't care how cute they try and make those ropes that attach to kids, in the shapes of monkeys, frogs, kitties, etc. Its still wrong.

To end a fabulous evening of digesting, strolling, around and good times-- we ended at one of the microbrew tents with big screens to watch the Ally Raisman snag another gold on the floor routine. Rock on USA!  Just an all around fabulous evening.

Not only has it been a great day to lie around and sip coffee under a warm blanket, but it also sparked my excitement because today is the grand opening of Packer preseason. Oh freakin happy day! A beautiful start to a season full of cheeseheads, "go pack go's", Rodgers belts, and smiling Drivers.  What beauty.

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