Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Breezy Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

There is only one way to wake up on a Saturday post a 13hr day the night before, and thats SLOWLY. Today was perfect :) I woke up at around 0900 for a bit to hug Joey before his 12 hr day and then that awesomely restful sleep part 2, where all my dreams are beyond me in strangeness and you wake up completely refreshed. Done and done.

I woke up around noon to the ever so relaxing whistling of my "don't worry be happy" ringtone. The first thing i noticed when i opened my eyes was a wagging black tail. Aww, Reggie.  I walked through the dining room into the living room to wake up a bit and the breeze and sunshine through the windows was so perfect, it didnt take me long to get my butt out the door. I had left with the intentions of walking the dog and soaking up the weather. Along the way, i ever so easily convinced myself to swing by my fave alterra to replenish by soon-to-be-deceased coffee stock at home. I parked Reggie around a tree just outside and went inside to get my beans. I was checking out and ordering my iced coffee, when i bunch of people sitting at the bar next to the window got up and started looking concerned. The lady sitting outside where I tied Reggie was also out of her seat. I quickly ran outside to see what the ruckus was, praying that it wasn't something the dog did. I saw a man sitting awkwardly on the curb next to the tree and dog with a bunch of people asking if the old man was ok. For a little bit i thought he tripped over the dog leash and went plummeting to ground where hit gluteals caught him.... I was relieved when i was informed that he had just gotten to close to the curb and stumbled over his own feet. ok, partial problem solved. The real problem was getting the man up. He reminded me of a few of my elderly patients that have difficulties using their hands to pull themselves up. Before i knew it, i was snapping quickly into "RN-ACTION!"

With the help of two other people we easily got this man to his feet. My first question for him after he was stable on his feet was, "are you ok?" He informed me with a smile that he was. My second question to him was, "are you lying to me?" He looked at me with the same goofy grin and said "yes." The woman whom was with the man informed me that he probably was lying, but i further assessed the situation. He walked fine, and just had a couple scrapes. Mission accomplished and closed. I felt like a good Shorewood citizen and proceeded to smile as the dog and i kept moving along.

It was super peaceful strolling among the beautiful neighborhood houses. Thats one of the charming qualities about Shorewood, every house is so unique and unlike the next one. We ended the walk with a trip to Atwater Park  and we sat on the grass and watched the sailboats do their thing over the bluff as i sipped my iced coffee. Gosh, what a perfect way to start a day... wait, there's one other thing that Reggie informed me would make the day just a smidge better. This big black dog rolled all over in the grass and then proceeded to shake off all the excess grass clippings all over me. Icing on the cake :) Thanks, pooch.

A lot of the walk i was running thoughts through my head. I feel so gosh darn lucky to be where I am at this point in my life. The endurance, stamina, motivation, friendships, profession, etc. I have been told a number of times by my father, that i have my Grandma Slattery's perspective of life. I wish I would've gotten to meet her at a point in my life i remembered. From what i understand, she was nothing but love to the world. Nothing was ever as good or as bad as it seemed. She was a pediatric nurse that continued to work through her diagnosis of metastatic bone cancer until about a week before she was promoted to full time angel. What a woman :)

I kept thinking to myself how awesome it feels to breathe, and feel the lakeside breeze. Maybe this is just a calming before the storm when i start work at 3pm?! hahaha- whatever the case, i will take it and run.

One last comment before i close today's session of "What on Earth is that Slattery girl thinking?!" is how proud I am of a friend of mine. She received a double lung transplant at the end of June. She has been making leaps and bounds in rehabbing since then. One of the greatest sources of joy this life can offer is watching people get stronger in any and all aspects of their lives. Keep rocking Katie, you're amazing! :)

So as i end this random, yet light hearted post I would like to include a song to get stuck in your head so every time you sing it, you will think of me... please enjoy. And also, go rock the day.

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