Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Woke up this morning, clocking around 9 hrs of sleep. jackpot :). Not only did i bank a solid night's sleep, but i woke up next to a big ole pair of brown eyes. Brown eyes and big ole happy tail. I have since the beginning been in love with my brother and sis in laws lab/great dane mix, Reggie. We're dog sitting for the next 2 weeks. This is a huge teaser because once we have to give him back its only a matter of a month or two before I am going gung-ho in rescuing a fido. Can't wait :)

Its my midweek weekend and couldn't come at a better time. Last night had my sprinting on my toes, playing "Super RN" in every direction that I past (E.I. 9 hrs of sleep).  Its sooooo nice to wake up slow, enjoy some hot coffee, open the windows, and soak up the start of the day. I keep running through my head what i would like to accomplish today, but i am not going to make my typical list because then there's no disappointment or expectations for the day ;) Well thought out. ha

I will take care of a few bills- but thats pretty much mandatory. Otherwise the rest of the day is planned to take Reg for long stroll by the lake. Spontaneity is sort of the theme of the day. We'll have to see where it takes us. With that, I believe that is all my mind has to state at the moment. 

Take care people, be more productive than I ;)

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