Monday, November 14, 2011

sore muscles

Smile Cracker #3: Aches post dancing. Its the day after a wedding and i wake up on my friend's futon to let out that massive, fulfilling stretch, when i am stopped mid appendage extension because I feel every muscle in feet and arms just ache. Now this could be just a nuisance of a problem, or it could be fantastic excuse to do nothing but sleep, veg, and watch movies all afternoon with one of my best friends. Number two sounded more appealing-so i went the veg route.  Basically everytime I moved, i was reminded of what a great time I had the previous night filled with dancing. I know my whole body was really in it because I had to sneeze and my abs hurt as well. I am ever so fortunate to dance with my heart in good shape, so you better believe I am going to put Michael Jackson to shame...ok, thats basically impossible.

However, I know I was doing something right because everyone I made eye contact with had massive grins on their face. I know they're all secretly jealous because I am such a fit pumpin and booty poppin heroine, but thats precisely the reason. I dance, you laugh. Its a win-win situation all around the table.  I feel dance as one of the most prestine ways to show others your personality and confidence. 

The perfect ending to the night occurred with a large group of friends all swaying back and forth to Billy Joel's "Piano Man." Simply classic. Its moments like this that will flood my brain next time the song pops on the radio or my itunes. My sore arches and aching knees were oh so worth it by the time this evening rolled around. Dancing is da bombski, thus I am forced to crack a smile.

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