Wednesday, January 18, 2012

jump on it- jump on it.

So i realize i have been a little off my rocker lately in terms of keeping up with my journaling and life thoughts... the new year always kicks up so quickly that I hardly have time to shower and eat (2 very basic personal necessities). Here is a quick "brain-mess" for the later evening.

I am in such a strange place in life right now, but it seems as though all of my friends I graduated with are in very similar boats. This is the first time in close to 20 years that we haven't been in school, so its like you go to educate yourself for such a long time that once you finally get where you have strived to be for so long- you feel as though you're kind of "floating." Where do you go and how are you suppose to feel?

I had two good friends over today for dinner that I haven't seen in far too long. Its been about 6 months since we've been big girl RN's and tonight was the first time that we were able to sit down and discuss our experiences with each other. It was one of those nights that conversation is just great and all you can do is smile because its such a blast to see where life has taken everyone. I remember sitting in a B&N 2 yrs back studying my freakin med-surg book and listening to this group of girls talk about their jobs as nurses. I remember feeling jealous because they all went to school together, now working in the real world, and discussing life together.  All I wanted to do at that moment was take my massive book and burn it in front of the "Henke Nursing Center." Well guess what, I thought back about that moment tonight and smiled to myself thinking, "look, i made it." :)

It was such a refreshing feeling being with Jaclyn and Holly because it reminded me of how great the people in my life truly are.  And seriously what could be better than discussing life over a little Rochambo's?! thats correct, probably nothing.

Every month that goes by keeps getting to be a little less weird in the "planet of the adults," its just another one of those adjustment periods. I don't really know if life every isn't an adjustment period, but it currently is something that we've never experienced before. Guess all one can do is really just keep on keepin on.

And now... time for a lil lame brady inspiration...

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