Thursday, November 3, 2011

random thoughts from an insomniac

So- i am a shift rotator, which means that as a nurse i work any and all shifts. This week I am the creep who walks in my patient's rooms at strange hours to watch you in your sleep and ensure a regular breathing pattern, really i mean that in the most loving way it can sound. Thus being said, I have most likely the STRANGEST sleep habits out there. While I was awake this morning until 3am (its my night off), i came across a website that i was completely intrigued with. It reflects on the everyday awesomeness of simple things (click below to be entertained)

1000 Awesome Things

I decided that I am going attempt to compile my own list of "Smile-crackins" of things that happen in my daily life. With that being said, here goes...                      

"Smile-cracker #1": That first sip of coffee to start off the day. I was at work on Tuesday night and just starting to take on my night while i was sitting next to the secretary. That glorious first sip of black coffee warmed my insides all the way down to my stomach. When it hit the bottom of my stomach I accidentally let out a rather large "ahhh!" sigh of contentment. The secretary immediately turned to me in slight confusion  and all i could do was laugh and tell her "I just love black coffee." Being a coffee connoisseur herself, she joined the laughter and agreed. Maybe my reaction to that warm fuzzy feeling of liquid motivation hitting the center of belly was slightly inappropriate sounding, but honestly there is no point in holding something so joyful back. Something so simple and joyful is meant to be expressed full on, after all, it is all about the vivacity. And thus, i am forced to crack a smile.

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