Sunday, November 13, 2011


"Smilecracker#2: back to the color basics. Sometime ago my little brothers fave joke he ever made up was "what's black and white and red all over...???" the original answer is a newspaper- Rob put his own spin on it and stated a nun falling down the stairs. When I recall this joke nowadays, it still makes me chuckle like the first time i heard it. And no worries, no nun were harmed in the creation of this joke.

Thus being said, let me bring us back to the part the whole smile cracking part of this post. The black and white color scheme naturally go fabulous together. The first TVs were started as that, as they are common classy colors for elegant affairs. I love waking up to take a hot shower in my old victorian apt with the classic black and white colored tiling, which then leads me to slap put on some Doobie Brothers and dance my way clean.

After showering I make my way to the kitchen to start boiling water for my french press. While waiting, I often times sit on the counter top and find myself get lost in thought as i stare at the same tiling on the kitchen floor. It isn't until i begin to hear the whistling of the teapot before i make connections with reality because I am so mesmerized by the schemey beauty of the black and white that swirls around me. Just a great way to start any type of day- lost in deep thought that is provoked by the colors B&W.
and thus, I am forced to crack an smile.

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