Sunday, November 28, 2010

utterly exhausted.

I am currently laying in bed and have been here since about 7pm. I could not even begin to tell you what i've done since then... ha! one of those blissful nights where all you do is lay around in sweats and just lollygag. I needed a night light like this pretty badly.

I know i am exhausted from the weekend. Trucking back and forth to WI-IL, near car accidents on the highway at 6am, and walking around all of downtown chitown will do it is just what will do that- thus laying with my down comforter and catching up on "Modern Family" sounded ideal to me.

I mentioned a near car accident... yeah truly one of the scariest moments i've had in awhile.  I was almost to St Lukes early friday morning and 2 miles before my exit on HW43 the engine light suddenly turns on and my steering wheel starts jolting anytime i try to accelerate. Also, when i try to brake, the pads feel like they are completely wore down. My heart was galloping like a sea biscuit and i literally was sick to my stomach the rest of the morning. God willing, i was able to slow down my car enough to make it the rest of the way to the hospital by riding the e-brake. As soon as i made it to the parking ramp, i took a couple of deep breathes and attempted to rest of the day.

Let me just simply say that i completely adore the people i work with. They are truly people that love what they do and there is this motivating sense that just wafts through the halls.  It really was a pretty good day. I had to try and game plan what do to with my car after work because i didnt have a whole lot of time inbetween to do so. I ended up finishing at 330pm and then meeting with joey in the parking lot and i drove pretty slow with my flashers on and joey behind me. I drove up 4 blocks to the local car repair shop, threw my keys at the guys who worked there, and told them do whatever they needed to.

We hit the road and cruised towards O'hare. I owe a lot to the boyfriend for figuring out the entire night and transportation issues. We had to meet my family at 7pm sharp in downtown chicago for dinner at the fancy fish place and in order for reservations to work- all 6 of us had to be present.
I truly do think there is an art to being a "go getter." There are a lot of people that probably would not have attempted to do what we did that night. Heres the progression:
1. drive busted up car down 27th ave to repair shop
2. refuel quickly with coffee
3. cruise 94
4. park in the boonies out at o'hare
5. take tram into normal airport
6. attempt to figure out where to go for the "L" train into chicago
7. 45 minute ride into downtown
8. run out of train station and not have much of an idea of where we were in comparison to the restaurant once off the train
9. basically jog with duffel bags 6 blocks
10. hop cab
11. make it to joe's fish house at 6:56pm with reservations at 7pm
boy, talk about exhilleration!! Everything was so worth it once we were there. After "wow-ing" the family, we sat down to some fine dining. scallops, grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus, red zin, and home made apple pie. This is my most anticipated meal of the entire year and it was completely delectable. Part of it is the company and the atmosphere, but the tradition of it is what keeps everything so memorable.
Brian, Missy, Joey, and I hit up the house of blues after that for some live jazz!! Overall, it was a wild day that started early and ended late.

Saturday we walked around downtown a bit with the fam. The rest of everyone else had to make it back up north at a decent hour so they all left around 2pm. Joey and i spent the rest of the afternoon into the early evening walking everywhere. We hit up millenium park, michigan ave, and portillos. I do like the fact that it gets dark early just because we were able to soak up some of the city lights before it got really late. We jumped the train and started the journey back home. I am a huge fan of the public transit they have set up, i really wish more areas of the  WI were like that.

I got to work caribou today with some of the favorites. I am very much looking forward to working there on a regular basis once again. This semester is basically over- there is 2 more weeks and 3 final exams. kinda blows my mind, but were all basically nurses at this point. at least the academic end is really taken care of. I have one more core nursing class and its a "nursing leadership" one so its nothing incredibly hardcore. I am stoked for capstone and can't wait to get into the real stuff.

Anyways, i suppose this should be enough of my blabbing. Its a pretty solid day tomorrow- although i am looking forward to it! It is kind of a nice wind down to the evening to blog and shut the macbook screen.

Hope everyone had safe travels and great shopping excursions.
good night world.

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