Thursday, November 25, 2010


I remember thinking back in the day of elementary school, the teachers would always make you create a list with all the things you are thankful for... i truly think thats an exercise people should regularly do. you really do have it a lot better than you think you do or realize.
heres just a few for me personally (at this point in my life and what i can think of after a long day)

1. my family
2.jesus friends happy healthy miracle heart
5. walks
6. beautiful days
7. coffee
9. the cottage in the michigan woods
10. seeing so many parts of this world at my age
11. loving both of my current jobs
12. being successful in school
13. being able to attend college
14. social graces
15. life experiences
16. people watching
17. good music
18. my optimism
19. photography
20. seeing 4 seasons every year
theres oh so much more, but really if i keep elaborating i will lose my train of thought for this post.

So it was 5 years this Thanksgiving that we celebrated without my little brother, Rob. I am ever so thankful for ever having him as my brother for those short 14 years. I can honestly say he has shaped a lot of the way i go about things now a days.

It is also the first thanksgiving i have had in a long time that felt kind of "normal." Our family tradition of heading to downtown chicago and staying near michigan ave has finally kinda fully morphed into something that seems part of the yearly routine.  I love that we do this because it is something that we've made to be our "own."

Missy, brian, and I woke up around 9am and started the day. My mom and i ended up walking about 2 hours all down and around michigan ave, navy pier, and millenium park. Our main goal was to find the same caribou that made me fall in love last year during thanksgiving. I was convinced it was one way, which it was not, thus we wandered for awhile.  It was nice though because it was the first time i had alone time with my big mama since august.  She's my best friend and oh so hilarious. If you ever wondered where the "eclectic" side of me comes from- theres your answer.  Anyways, it was actually pretty gorgeous out. While we were walking, we came along the same path we took the year before.  It had some stairs that lead up to the wacker st bridge. Last year i couldn't even make it to the top without being completely out of breath and huffing- guess who talked while she went up them at a quick pace?! --------------------->THIS GIRL! eat it PH. it still just blows my mind how much can happen in a year.
we sat in caribou and talked about life for the better part of an hour. ideal start to a thanksgiving morning.

When we got back to the hotel, we met up with the rest of the fam and headed out to a sports bar and grill.  Now, most people eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing-the slattery's ate pizza-while we watched the patriots/detriot game to the left. the tv directly to the right was the badger men's bball against manhattan. God bless america!

I rode back with my dad to gurnee to pick up my car so i could drive back to the sha.  I am saving hearts tomorrow morning and then heading back to chicago with joey. It was really nice to just hang and talk with him. Its been awhile since i've just hung out with him too. He always kind puts things into perspective for me.

Tomorrow nights 5-star seafood and blues bar. I also wanted to say thanks to all of the people that always make this holiday as a remembrance for the fam- there are a lot of regulars that send cards, flowers, and phone calls every year.  lots of great and loving people out there. I will forever be especially thankful for erin peterson. She's incredible and has grown with me so much in the last 6 or so years.

I hope everyone was able to take step back and soak up a moment of thanksgiving- whatever that may be.

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