Wednesday, November 17, 2010

flat tires, content thoughts

i am laying in bed right now with the lights off just kind of taking in the last bit of the evening before i settle off to sleep and start yet another chaotic day. for as annoying as some people say the faint background noises are, i am thoroughly enjoying the sound of the ticking clock right now.

I had this insane calm overwhelm me this evening. It was one of those that the weather was nasty and it was causing every ounce of energy in my body to scream with senioritis while i sat through class. Needless to say, it made me kinda spazzy the better part of the afternoon.

This is going to be kind of round about but bare with me. So yesterday, my car thought it would be awesome to get a flat front tire after a full morning of clinical. Long story short, it was parked on the street and i was pleasantly sitting under a tree with my book studying waiting for Joey to roll into town to change the tire. I would've gladly attempted doing all of this myself, but thought it to be better tackle it maybe when i've had the experience before. So as i sat there by the tree, some college kid comes strolling down the street and saw me chillin with my spare tire and asked if i wanted help.  Craig is my new bff. we both ended up laying on the street to try and get my lowrider neon jacked up enough to get the tire off. So after the spare was on, the goon shows up and we took it into a tire repair place for the night. I had called my dad to square away the details in case there was any insurance stuff that needed to be shared or what not. I went to go pick up my car today and talked with my dad once again. He had told me that he shared this blog link with basically everyone in the office. Now thats outreach! I am glad that I am able to share such my story and really reach people so powerfully.  And for anyone wondering, yes i am still with joey ( i guess there was some drama around the office because i forgot to reflect on that last detail in the previous post!! :P). Anyways, this was a really long blurb to basically say that a flat tire "drove" me to realize how many receptive and supportive people are out there. My passion is to deeply connect with other people, and this has happened in the last day or so. i dig it.

so as i reflect on the current day i just had, my spazz was erased fairly quickly because i know there is no reason to sweat the small stuff.

to any readers out there, thanks for being so cool.

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