Wednesday, July 13, 2011

to fathom---

so i lay in bed tonight finding myself fathoming many different things. My first and foremost is how is can honestly be so comfortable with just a fan in the window.... all of last week it was always a lot hotter in our 2nd story apt vs. the actual outside temp. i love wisconsin weather and our architexture for houses. Europe has this whole thing down.  They dont have A.C. but they do build their houses out of cinderblocks to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. i always say that america should just be europe... random idea-ling.

I also am fathoming how exhausting it is being on job orientation. I truly do really enjoy being a big girl nurse, but i come home and i am just. beat. I try not to get in the habit, but i come home sleep for 2 hrs, up for 2 hrs, and back to bed for the night. yikes. I guess it makes sense when you are constantly learning something every minute of the day. I hear this gets easier after about month three. I was discussing this with Joey and he mentioned that "don't worry you won't always be lame, theres hope for you becoming fun once again." oh man. love the support.

I also have been fathoming how sweet life really is right now. I had my follow up echo last friday. I brought my pride and joy, Holly Fish. We spent from around 8am-ish-1:30pm at St. Luke's (on my day off, i may add-just cant pull myself away i guess). By the end of my appt, doc said that my echo is the "best that she's ever seen it." She told me it took awhile to read it because my heart kept beating really fast, b/c i was so nervous. ha. talk about tears of joy. I feel like a totally free woman. There is no such better news in my book. Holly told me she would've waited all day to hear news like that. I am super byist, but i honestly don't think there is a better medical team out there. We hit up summerfest that night and it just reminded me of last summer at this very time because that is when i received the same type of news. summer's the time of healing. On a side note, irish rock concerts are a BLAST!

My last fathom is how time possibly flies as fast as it does. I walked to the local Whole Foods on Prospect Ave today and spent well over an hour in this store. It just blows my mind how interesting all the stuff is. I made the trek there to buy "wheat bulghur" b/c i wanted to make tabouli for lunch the rest of this week. It is such a blast to try concocting strange ethnic new dishes. Last week was buckwheat groats with italian sausage tofurkey. call me weird- and i'll correct you by saying adventuresome.

I need to head to sleep now, its going to be an early morning, but that also means i get to steal my brother and soon to be sister in law's dog for the week b/c they are going on vaca. Yay :) So until i have the chance to write again, i will leave you with this hilarious website that will keep you occupied and cause procrastination for a long long time. '

Peace out o wide world of internet stalkers :)

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