Tuesday, July 19, 2011

its days like today i feel pretty good about working for 9 or 10hrs because the AC at my apt vs. the AC at the hospital. I did at one point have one of my old lady patients dance because I "must've stuck my hands in a bucket of ice." hehe oops :)

Today was the first day in three I didnt hit up the beach. Joey, Reg, and I went to Sheboygan for all of Saturday to hit up the water and sand dunes. We set up the tent with the rain fly and used that to shelter ourselves from the overcast sky and nap for awhile. Reggie has progressively been getting better at swimming. Apparently like a month ago he would hardly go in the water and now he dives thru the waves to get the stick 50 ft out! So much fun. I think my personal fave had to be the sand dune diving. Start at the top of the dunes and sommersault and logroll your way down. Makes anyone dizzy enough feel drunk at the bottom--aaaaaannnnnddd every square inch of your body becomes impaled with sand. we all know everyone loves sand in their crack.

We met up with Joey's aunt and uncle and some of their friends for drinks on the lakefront. We met a guy who grew up near the chicago ghetto and told us stories of how he used to steal flowers from the cemetary for his girlfriend. hmm classy :) Also, he was out with a bunch of friends riding the bus and every stop the next friend would get off and tell the bus driver( as in paying for bus fare), "Ohh Crime's got it!" Next guy: "Crime will get it." Last guy: "Yeah, I'm Crime. but crime dont pay!" Oh boy. It truly was a great weekend.

Tonight i took the dog out to Lakeshore State Park. It was just the perfect ending to long day. It beat the heat and there was some sort of punk band playing at the Marcus Amphitheater. The atmosphere was just perfect. The pink sky painted out over a big city by the lake at dusk. Dang, God's good at creating stuff. It felt strange to me to think that I was in school 3 months ago with the biggest test I ever have taken still hanging over my head. Life changes in crazy rapid ways.

I also spent a better part of the evening on the phone. I talked with a good friend that I haven't spoken with in quite awhile. Its always awesome catching up with good friends. It also was a 45 min convo with the big mama and fasha. My mom will always be my best friend, but I will forever be a daddy's girl.  My dad's been playing with some photography ideas and this was one of his most recent:

This just warmed my heart and made me smile huge. My family is such a great support. I don't know where I would be without them.  The Psalms passage talks about hope....the PHenomenal hope to kick pulmonary hypertension where the sun don't shine. So for this evening, i am going to snuggle up next to a spoiled pooch and smile knowing that I am blessed.

"Breathe in knowing you're exactly where you're suppose to be and that its all happening for the best."

ahh :)

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