Friday, July 1, 2011

summer adoration

so i often times found myself wondering tonight, "hmm, what am i going to do with myself tomorrow morning??" now, this is a simple question- and thats just the thing. its simple. I have never been less stressed in my life. This is a slightly foreign feeling to me because i always have some sort of driven stress to make me accomplish things, but now its the healthy "eustress" that makes me smile and relax :)

In reflection of the last week, i would have to agree that my life rocks.  I attended a wedding last weekend of two good friends. The company was phenomenal, the atmosphere was fabulous, and most importantly- the dancing was great. Ask any true wisconsinite: its impossible to dislike sippin on free spotted cow and singing bohemian rhapsody. Life's irony decided to strike it big and made Joey the catcher of the garder and myself the girl who caught the bouquet. I then had about 5 people come up to me and said they "called it." Of course.

This week has been one of my feelings. Today completed day 4 of being the nurse. I can honestly say that I adore it at this point- even though this may be the honeymoon stage. My lil old man told me today (after a major heart procedure) told me that the only activity he will be doing is "cuddling with his wife" after i told him he had to take it easy. Fifty-five years of marriage, how stinkin cute. I kinda wanted to pack this guy up and bring him home. Everything about my job is so exhilerating and refreshing.

I finally had a longly anticipated roomie date with Steph last night. I was in Canada canoeing for a week, and she was in Mexico beachin it for the next. i much prefer to live with someone than not- its so much better to have good company to just bounce comments off of. Note: then the neighbors don't think your insane for supposedly talking to yourself. We didn't even really do a whole lot, but its just the idea of companionship. Simple life fulfillment.

All I can really do is sit back in smile. I adore where life continues to take me.

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