Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring :)

Yesterday marked 30 more days until I will be done with my undergrad forever. That means one word: bliss. It also means another word: holycrapthatssoonandlifeisgoingtohavesomemajorchangeshappeningyikes. try saying that one 10 times fast ;) this is a time that i have been ready for for more than year now. I have the mentality that i graduated in May of 2010 with all my old roomies because thats just how the flow felt. I can't wait to feel that freedom of breathing once again.

I have taken the time to retreat back home in green bay for a 4 day weekend. I left waukesha yesterday to spend time with best friend from high school in appleton along the way back. It took us all of about an hour to catch up on life. we spent the better part of the night strolling up and down college ave in downtown. Loved all of the indie coffee shops and fair trade stuff! A very successful longly awaited visit that i am so glad happened!

Today was a lot of running around with big mama slattery. We ended up at the W&S huge bike expo at the state fair grounds in Milwaukee.  Just walking around gave me that "bikers rush." It was just in the atmosphere, that kind of positive energy that so many other roadies share. Makes me excited for tomorrow's 77 degree day- and i WILL take full advantage. Best investment ever.

Life has recently kind of started to fall together very nicely. There are a lot of things I never would of expected happening so quickly: Thursday i finally finished all of my 180 clinical hours, i started apt hunting on the east side, got super excited about the canada canoe portaging trip i am going on in june, and  accepted a full time position on the cardiac floor i work on. Not too shabby. It is to the point where i wake up and feel exhausted though. This 12 credits and 3 jobs starts to wear, it has been very helpful in passing time. I truly think what it is that blows my mind away is that thinking even a year ago at this time, i never would've imagined myself where I stand now. My life has always chimed in at about 98% irony, but i truly trust and believe I am exactly where I am intended to be. Life truly does work in mysterious ways ;)

So, I am about to call it a night of laid back success because the evening was exactly what i needed it to be, lame. I get to be in ashwaubenon laying in the bed i slept in from the time i was 3-18 yrs old and anticipate another day of no stress or responsibility. Amen to that !!

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