Saturday, February 12, 2011


Surprises on saturday mid-days. I was out saving lives this morning when one of the nurses called me on my work phone to ask if i wanted 50x. This rarely happens for me. In aurora healthcare standards that translates to I was asked if i wanted to be let go early. I did not contemplate this idea for very long and brightly said, "but of course!" so there i was....
this 5'8ft girl in scrubs with an entire afternoon to herself. what on earth would you ever do with a couple of extra hours to spare on a gorgeous (gorgeous meaning I didnt feel like my face was being froze off my face) february afternoon? I found myself driving on 41 towards green bay and turning off at bayshore mall. I thought it would be fun to take care of some serious business and so i grabbed a red cart that read "trader joe's" and started paroosing the busy organic food store. I love grocery shopping. I don't know if its the actual food shopping or just hanging out with myself.  I decided a few years ago if i never ended up getting married during my lifetime, i would never be bored or lonely because i have myself. In the most non-egotistical way that can sound, it is true. If you are content with who you are in yourself- you really do pretty have much have the world dominated. so anyways, i continued shopping as i grinned internally. let me also mention i am stoked to try this new white reisling :)

Today is significant in itself. It marks the start of heart remodelization round 2. I did the same thing about 6 months with trustly ole Remus. About a month back, I hit a bit of a bump in the road when my PA pressures crept up a bit. I felt like i got punched in the stomach because i had not expected it at all. After getting squared away with the insurance it was time to start another kick butt med. time to rock it again.

So i am going to continue listening to ben folds and eating my carrot cake cliffbar with good thoughts in my head and good music in my ears. its a good day- its in the energy of the people i am around.

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  1. Hey little chickie - I'm praying for you. I'm sorry you have to undergo a round two, but you will kick some serious butt! And if ever you feel frustrated or confused, don't forget that Jesus longs to comfort you & sing over you. I hope that you find yourself able to be honest with him.

    Take care of Bessy for me. ; )