Friday, February 11, 2011

soaking up a friday afternoon...

There is something that makes me so content with finishing up a paper and knowing that my little reward for myself at the end is journaling.  I have a friend who once told me that journaling is the best form of free therapy. He was right. I have always been a journaler, but the last few years it has taken the trend of my busy schedule.  Thus meaning, it has not happened as often as i would like it to. Perhaps my blogging for today will make up for the last two years that were not documented. psh hahaha

Its been an interesting type of week. I've had a lot of thoughts run through my head. Some of these thoughts are just ridiculous because they are months away from even mattering.  A lot of it has to do with the quickly approaching future that involves graduation. In my mind, i have been graduated since last may with my old roomies and best friends. I remember back to my freshmen year where i would be absolutely content sitting in the library for hours studying every night.... it has morphed to me caring much less about the actual book stuff and more to the hands on.  My nursing capstone is perfect for that.

 I am on the beloved 10T at St. Luke's where one short year ago i was a patient in room #8.  Its been highly educational thus far and I have enjoyed it a lot. My preceptor is so much fun- I even ended up going home with her and another one of the nurses' the night of the snowpacalypse where it dumped 14 inches in one night. That was a treat- up till 3am with junk food and medical stories. In some ways i love saying "I am a last semester nursing student," but i get to the practical setting and it resolidifies how much i really don't know... paying thousands in tuition to feel completely clueless... haha i guess that could sound like "paying money to feel like an idiot." Its the experience that you develop that matters most and that will come with time.

I keep trying to contemplate where i am going with this last semester. I'd say its one of the busiest I've had and i hear its suppose to be opposite with much less going on. My life ironically likes to never go with the trend for anything. I am fairly certain that comes from being named, "Lauren Slattery." If my life made sense, i would more than likely get bored and cause mischief somewhere else. It boggles my mind to see the person i've become in this journey of college. It makes me wonder what the conversation at the five year high school reunion would go, "So what's been up with you Lauren?" Hmm where to begin... "well, I hung out in the austrian alps, been to Seoul for new years, biked a 150 mile tour, attended a billy joel and ben folds concert, had two cardiac catheterizations, met the some of the most amazing people out there, maintained an international relationship after dating for 3 months, and called my mom at least three times a week." thats just a rough estimate of the last five-ish years.

I think sometimes that some parts of my life are unfair, but soon than after i mentally slap myself and quickly recall that I have my confidence and passion for life are only enriched from my experiences. This is true for everyone. For as long as I can remember, my dad has always told me : "life is never as good or as bad as it seems."When i think about complaining- i remember that everything is perspective and you have COMPLETE control in how to approach it. Yeeaaaaahhh, once again dad is right.

So, I guess all in all the moral of the story is: love your life and make it fun- like your walking on bubble wrap everywhere you go.

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