Thursday, April 28, 2011

last evening of the betweener life...

I've always thought college was good for a few things.
1. education
2. meeting cool people
3. living that inbetween life. its that life where you aren't entirely responsible to a big kid and you still get free dental coverage under your parent's insurance. basically you can be irresponsible and still have pearly white. :D
 its one of those nights i never gave much thought to, nor did i ever really think would approach it as fast as it did.  The last night of my undergrad experience.  This could be scary, but it is truly not. I have been very fortunate in all those scary things a person has to face after college is done. Job-taken care of. Place to live-check. More or less its something I have been ready for for a very long time. I haven't really been in school per say all of this year. I sat in class, but my heart has def been else where. I think its experience that takes truly guides where a person is at a given time. Its been a fun ride, but boy is this girl ready to spread her wings.

Life is pretty much a mystery everyday you wake up. I had no idea what i was going to fix for breakfast this morning, and i had no idea I would feel this accomplished after 4 years of college. see, mystery. so i guess wherever life wants to take me in the next step all i can do is trust that its exactly where I am suppose to be. with that i am content.

These gentlemen are brilliant and are singing my mind this evening....

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  1. So true Lauren! I feel blessed to call you my friend. You truly inspire me. You are amazing and I'm happy to always be your hubz! :-)

    Though moving on is nice, I'd like to have one more of those random car adventures to Geebs...good stuff!