Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall dwellings

I figured it's been a few weeks since I have made my presence known to the world.... So congrats to you if you're reading the first blog since I left the bat cave....
I decided life would be sweeter for the weekend if i came home to my place of upbringing. For those of you who are unaware, that would be the absolute heart of the cheeseheads, green bay Wisconsin. This was the perfect city to grow up in because there is just such a charm to this proud but modest city. Everyone is happy, it's safe, and it just floods my mind with memories of childhood.

After a 51 hr week on night shift, there is nothing more i needed than a low key girls night. I arranged earlier in the week to meet up with my partner in crime from high school, Molly. We made Greek grilled chicken with butternut squash risotto and drank italian wine. Good conversation topped off with an evening stroll around ashwaubenon, just like old times. We
reminisced our past and reflected on how far we've come in the last 5yrs.  The first few college years we kind of lost touch, but time always sets things straight. I think my fave part about friendship is the excitement of seeing where life takes people. Molly and i were probably by
far the strangest people in high school, but we sure did find refreshing ways to have a good time. Our younger yrs could have been filled drunken nights, but we were more of the type that would hangout on a friday night and walk around the lights at lambeau field and get yelled at for sitting on the Lombardi statues at midnight. Ha oopsy;) i have no regrets about my teen
years and i think it was one of the better decisions i ever made was to sit next to Molly Siefert the first day in Mrs. Krauserts math class the first day of freshmen yr. Thru and thru.
Another thing i love about green bay is game day. Even when the games aren't home, it's still awesome to be amongst the atmosphere because every one is always in a great mood. I had to run errands the 45min prior to kickoff and successfully went to the dollar store, walgreens, target, and the coffee shop with ten min to spare. Booyah. During the second quarter some solicitor tries calling the land line. I answered and they asked for "josesph slaittary" haha yeah right..... All i said was "you have the wrong number and you're calling on packer sunday, shame on you." maybe that was slightly bit@$! Of me but, seriously- no i am not lying when i say the "slaitterys" don't live here. She probably thought i was crazy, maybe if that wouldn't happen every week it would be different...

In between commercials and game time i played dual role of kitchen diva and football fan. I created my own recipe for the fall time the unofficial recipe, so as your stealing it off my blog right now think of me when it's on the food network in 2yrs from now..

"pump-ur-kin fall bread"
Whatcha need:
One can of pumpkin
Two cups of whole stone ground wheat flour
Three quarters cup of brown sugar
Half teaspoon of baking soda
Two eggs
One stick of butter
One cup of dark chocolate chips

Put thawed butter in mixing bowl and mix brown sugar until full blended into creamy paste
Add both eggs to mix and blend
Add baking soda, flour, and cinnamon to paste and mix well. Add pumpkin.
Stir in chocolate chips after everything is thoroughly mixed
Preheat oven 350 degrees
Grease two small bread pans of one large and fill with dough
Place on bottom wrack and bake around thirty minutes. Check center with fork until baked.
Let cool
Lick your chops and prepare yourself for some gooey warm fall goodness!
Bow chicka wawa..

So now that i have thoroughly fed and entertained you, i am going to call this session of blogger a success and take on the rest of The night. I hope everyone enjoys their true day of rest, and thank you to all those who are working today. You make hhe world and the America safe and bustling.
Peace out bloggies.

                              (My fave commerical during the game today)

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