Wednesday, October 27, 2010

winnie the pooh would call it a "very blustery day"

So go figure i am coffee shop hoppin again and in need to finish this clinical paper i am supposedly going to finish this evening?! hmm... priority is just not there at this point. However, I am sitting at starbucks watching the trees basically bend backwards to touch the ground because the wind pressure is that of a hurricane and breaking multiple wisconsin records. kind of enlightening.

Every time i sit around the smell of espresso i am reminded of some of my fondest moments and best people watching moments. The atmosphere at places like this is just unbeatable. I am currently across the way from two british people talking. I wish i had a sweet accent like that. One day at caribou, one of the GE engineers came in (they are all from england mostly!) and i was telling him that i wish i talked like he did and he returned a "no you don't" (except british sounding, which i cannot phonetically spell at this moment). Oh how that would be cool.

I am rather excited for the weekend though. I have always said i would do madison at some point in my college career for halloween and i guess its finally going to happen- with some of my fave people on this planet. And i guess Joey and i are going as "zombie ninja's." Sounded fun to be, plus it does not involve spending money. it shall be an experience in itself. Then sunday will be at the broski's house for some noon packer action. hopefully it turns out as blissful as it sounds at this point.

I've been thinking a lot about graduation lately.  We have advising these next two weeks and i just can't believe its my last semester to do so already. wild. So much has changed in the last 4 years, like more so that most people will experience in their first 50 years on this planet.  I have truly learned to take on adversity head on and rock the magic the best way i can: by keeping on and being an extreme optimist. I dont how people get along in life without it. At this point in my life, i could care less about grades and just enjoy what i am doing-seriously life is too precious to sit there and fret about such minor things. do what you have to and accept that its the best you can do and that should satisfying in itself.

Truly, i adore where life has taken me. Always take into consideration that life is exactly where its suppose to be and everything that is happening is for the best.
Enough deep and random thoughts for now.

till then- jon rogers always told me to "stay classy" so i will relay the message to all the readers. stay classy, all!


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