Wednesday, October 6, 2010

procrastination and mochas

hello general public. thank you for choosing to read the thoughtlets perspiring from my mind. we're gonna jump right in.

Before doing so, look to the nearest person around you and confirm them as your exit buddy. alright blastoff.

Its one of those afternoons i have a LOT of things to get done, but i am choosing to write about it because if i dont something in the everyday world might just spontaneous blow up.  This weekend is one of my best friends/roomate from college's wedding weekend, my birthday is tomorrow, and i have another exam and 2 papers to get to before any of that strikes. yikes-uh. talk about the thrill of adrenaline. I have actually grown to adore times like this because they make all my efforts from earlier in the week seem totally worth it as i can recall everything i need to when i begin studying. Its too early to say this because i am immensely enjoying my senior year of college, but i can't wait to be done so there is none of this "midterm" business to follow. but enough of my complaints about education, i am so incredibly fortunate to be where i am with the knowledge i have acquired. life is oh too sweet sometimes.

It is fall time, probably the most perfect type of day there is- bright colors, sunshine, jeans and tshirt weather :) its almost a teaser though because its just slightly out of touch at this point. Fall break is this weekend as well and i am STOKED to be celebrating the affair in the northern woods of upper michigan- back to my family roots. Big plans: Epic wedding of the two and only Candace and Jon Rogers, crazy dance party with brooke and jess, road trippin with joey, bonfires, camping, stars, and home made apple sauce from the orchard apples. oh, most importantly-breathing. Overall summary: total bliss.

I will put myself in the best shape if i go back to learning to art mastery of michael aschenbrenner so i am fully ready to dominate his exam in 3 hours. Michael approves of this last sentence (if any of you out there have ever had this wonderful man as a professor, he will talk about himself in the third person all the time.) So its less Lauren and more Michael at this point in the day. We shall see if this attempt at blogging continues to trend or ebb for awhile, keep everyone sitting on the edge of their seats or not caring- its ultimately your decision. Regardless of all my intellectual jabber, i will leave with this last message to help inspire thoughts:

coffee is the drink of champions, helps concentration and alertness, and holds cardiovascular benefits.

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