Friday, January 25, 2013

90s type-o-afternoon

Last Friday Evening i was out with a bunch of my fave nursing babes. We were having drinks at the wicked hop catching up and talking. The dj started to play a major flashback from the 90s included with music videos and all. Jaclyn, baur, and I immediately diverted our attention to this highly entertaining ambiance we were engulfed. I suddenly was brought back to moments when I was in grade school listening to eifel 65 while roller skating at the RolaRena. I feel as though I was slightly too young to truly appreciate the 90s music at that tender age, so I brought it back like 20+ yrs post era. Dang is there some quality stuff!

Needless to say, I got out of bed around 1:30 this afternoon. I worked close to 14hrs yesterday and was pretty wiped. Highlight of my day yesterday, Joey drove to the south side to have breakfast for dinner with me at Omega at 9:30pm after be both hadn't eaten for 8hrs. Totes slept like a queen.

I couldn't find any energy to peel myself out of my amazingly cozy bed so I spooned the dog and watched movies until close to later afternoon. I got up to find myself completely tickled pink and grinning like a fool because I was able to attack the massive pile of laundry in the comfort of my old creepy basement for the first time since August. The old tenants that moved out brought their machines with them, leaving us to hang at the laundromat at least 3xs a month, which gets old and expensive rather quickly. We bought ourselves a gently used washer and dryer for Christmas... Talk about getting old. Long story short: I was completely content spending the the entire late afternoon cleaning, playing kitchen diva, doing laundry, sipping coffee, talking with Cassius (roommate), and jamming out to the new 90s playlist. It is these ridiculous and productive afternoons that are so relaxing to me.

As much as i would love to keep blabbing my face off, I am going to get my butt over to the y and get some cardio and spin this fine Friday evening. Thank you for reading this rather pointless post, i guess its my way of sharing the little things i am thankful for! now,i have a 3day weekend to take advantage of! So for my closing thoughts, I will leave you beautiful people with this mystical song....

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