Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pumped up kicks--

tonight is a beautiful night. its gorgeous outside, a beautiful weekend lies just ahead, and for once i kind of feel i am prepared for the evening. working nights has been a fantastic adventure, but still messes with the whole circadium rhythm...

This evening i spent with the one and only Hillary Johnson. I made talbot and mung beans for dinner--i don't know if theres even a reader out there who knows what either of those are ;). There is something to be said when you can for once enjoy the company of a good friend over homemade dinner and sip red wine. Maybe i am growing up and fully coming to appreciate the joys of becoming an adult (well some of it that is-there is that part where the gov't robs you of half your paycheck, but that is to be expected). It has been quite the transition over the past summer though-lots of new things to consider, many new things to learn, schedule adjustment, etc. All part of the "living and learning" process....

I can say its been awhile since i've had the chance to write. I had very good intentions yesterday, but i think i made it out of bed for close to 2 hrs. It was all due to the waterskiing and tubing all weekend up at tuttle lake. boy, its hard to say no to just "one more" lap around the lake, but your body sure does take a beating. probably the most fun full body workout ive done in quite sometime though :) I truly didnt feel bad about laying in bed all freakin day though, it actually felt fairly good. In the thoughts that came across my mind while i laid in bed was how nice it would be to share my house with a furry face. I started to browse (big mistake). there are far too many adorable animals that need some lovin. I was at Home Depot last week and bought myself a cactus. It made me so happy because this little plant was just so cheery looking. I brought him home, named him walter, and decided that if i can keep him alive for the next 6 months- i am ready for a dog. I even googled, "how to keep a cactus alive" and fully succeeded in doing so as of week one. So ultimately my reward for keeping Walter happy is a puppy. SCORE!

I am just 48 hrs shy of hitting the road with Joey to my native roots of the upper peninsula. Its in my blood and i honestly cant spend another weekend away from there. I can't wait to hear the frogs sing while ya sit in front of the campfire with the massive stars above you. Its truly God's country up there.

Alright well i must hit up the shower before i slap on scrubs and prepare myself for yet another night of saving lives.  ya'll out there have a fabulous night and remember to smile as you lie in bed tonight- life's pretty sweet. Also, take a listen to this happy tune, it adds to the ambiance.

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